@42l @fedeproxy is a new #forge #federation Free Software project trying to start on the right foot regarding #diversity. Someone suggested that 42l may have advice and maybe the resources to provide guidance in that domain. What do you think?



Hi Loïc,
We are very concerned about diversity in our structure and our actions, but we wouldn't claim to be a referent organization in this field. You may have better luck with @opensourcediversity ?
The topic you've linked seems to indicate a confusion between 42 (our school) and 42l (our student association).

That said, if you're interested to hold a conference for 42 students about @fedeproxy, you can reach us through 42l.fr/Contact 🙂

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@fedeproxy @42l @opensourcediversity I was not confusing 42 with the student association. I trust the student association because they have been good citizens of the CHATONS community, reason why I reached out instead of getting in touch with the school staff.


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