Dear @exodus community,

As your saw, seen now 5 days, submission of new applications on the platform is disabled.

In fact Google reject all our download APK download request.
We change the password of our accounts, we made several Google verification but nothing seems to work more than one hour.

We are looking for a solution or a workaround, but as you know we are all volunteers and our free time is not expandable to infinite. We need to take care of us, our family and friends.

@neo @exodus I'm surprised f-droid isn't the default place to upload apps.

@critical @neo

In fact @fdroidorg already use @exodus tools in there process.

Downloading apks from them and retest them is not our first goal.

We recently add the ability to analyze applications from F-Droid.

Sorry for them and for us, but F-droid is not the first store for many many people. We have to act as "ordinary people" and grab apk form the same source. im not saying you have to be on them only, but not having an apk available there is asking for exactly the situation you're in right now


@neo : Do you understand that @exodus is talking about *others applications* they analyze?

If they want to analyze whatsapp, for example, they have to download the apk from PlayStore...

@critical @fdroidorg

@Artanux @neo @exodus @fdroidorg I thought that, apart from the website, they also had an app you can download.
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