#Pinball : I am about to release a new table dedicated to #GnuHurd project any testers welcome. I am Supporting #GnuLinux #Debian #Yocto #WLS any other platform to consider ?

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@rzr Hey! I''ve played both of your tables, the gnu and the hurd one, for emilia pinball. the hurd needed some time to warm up my heart but the gnu one in brilliant! 👍
Following you now. Can't wait to see further content about emilia pinball 😊

Greetings, #Pinball tables I packaged for #Debian were contributed by community years ago, check homepages for credits, note that both were created using #PinEdit a #Qt editor that needs to be packaged as well thx @meldrian for feedback


@rzr @lgm

Maybe we can make it a bit more portable 😉

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