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Alyve @Caly

This is how I implemented my Toot button on my blog (still on development). 🤗

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@Caly Cool. 😀

But isn't the use of "web+mastodon://share?text=TEXT" better (at least on Firefox)?

@PifyZ I didn't not think about it but not why not. I'll try next week. 😋

@Caly Is there a reason why you’re not using web+mastodon scheme?

@lanodan It will be done this week.

@Caly Very cool! Is this something that you think you'd share?

@garrett It exists a gist but not updated, I will do it when I will use web+mastodon://. 🤗

@Caly Would it be possible to use some browser-storage techniques to automate entering the instance URL over-and-over again?

@zge I did it in my project, I append a « Memorize my instance » checkbox if user wants to save it. (See my next toot 😋 )

@Caly how does it know the user? Or is the assumption you are logged into your instance so it kicks you to the right spot?

@smallsees With Firefox, you have to be connected and Mastodon have to be connected with your account to use mastodon protocol. Otherwise, It asks the instance's name and redirect to the share page with content. 🙂