Is Carnet slow on your Android, if it is, can you give more info on what is slow exactly ?

Actions, android version, phone specifications, sync on nextcloud/owncloud(via nextcloud app or directly within carnet)


are you paid from google to say it is slow ? 😱

It feels slow upon opening notes. It has to load every time.

Would be better if it opened the file on disk instantly and then tried to sync from nextcloud, either automatically every time, automatically if your last update was more than 10 mins ago, or only by request.

BTW, my notes are failing to load again.. I tried to test and see if it felt slow, and my notes are blank again.. 😒

Still going to use the app and try to figure out the issues, because its awesome.


@psyklax it loads from the disk :P

If you want we can discuss your problem on matrix:

@Carnet @psyklax sometimes the initial loading of Carnet is taking a few seconds, but after that it is nice and fast. In which programming language is it written?

part of it is pure java/kotlin, when opening a note it is html/js that's why it takes time on first load (because this part is in common with the online version of carnet) and it is reused when opening another note

@RyuKurisu on next version there will be a preload option on settings, that I use right now... It's kind of better @psyklax

I've noticed this as well but it seems to have improved with the latest versions. Creating a new note also sometimes takes a few seconds.
@RyuKurisu @psyklax

I went there and explained what was going on. I discovered the log file and read it. Noticed that Carnet was pulling in every file on my nextcloud account and then choking on filetypes it didn't understand. I sent it to its proper home in Documents/Quicknote and now I think it's happy. Loads much faster too.

Maybe make it take a unique subdirectory on the nextcloud server by default.

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