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@Carnet To be perfectly serious, even if I trust you to take proper design decisions, I'm not sure that Carnet is secure enough for my personal notes.

From a security perspective, are you just gluing the magic (ciphers) together?

Not that I don't trust you as a developer, but I wouldn't trust a developer of your age with my personal notes.

That's probably stupid, and I'm posting this because I'm sure that the answer is very simple. But that might be a general feeling.

@carachrone notes are not encrypted if this is the question

@Carnet No, the question is "Can a random Unix hacker break through a Carnet server and expose all the notes?"

@Carnet Yeah I know, but maybe this isn't clear for most people? With all the marketing from Spideroak and other popular zero-knowledge services (like ProtonMail)?

@Carnet I mean that zero-knowledge software developers have given (at least to me) the impression that developing a secure server is very difficult, and that something like Carnet might be a box asking to be opened.

That's just my impression, _but_ I have a fairly good technical level and that's my impression nevertheless, however wrong it is

@carachrone I don't know how different it is to other software, then, is nextcloud secured ? is mastodon secured ?

@Carnet I don't know, I'm not discussing technical details but public reception

@Carnet I'm a sociology student, not a developer, I didn't mean to sound like I was knowledgeable about this

@Carnet (Not as a developer, anyway, I'm just a techie)

@carachrone then I'm sorry I really don't understand, for you carnet isn't secured but gives the impression to be secured ? That's the problem ?

@Carnet No, the inverse: Carnet is secured but gives the impression to be unsecured.

@Carnet For me, Carnet gives the impression to be part of these resources-intensive-to-be-secured pieces of software

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