Hi everybody

Do you know what the "'(ionclean)" process is and why it's using 100% cpu time ? I have no other information with htop

please boost

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@Carnet Sounds like one of those scam cleaners that pretends to clean but just makes you a consumer appliance for the industry. Or maybe a Steam client plugin.

@AskChip nope nothing like that, I guess it has to do with docker

@Carnet Could be but it's funny that a search only finds a chemical cleaner. After a little fudging, Google returns a link to an error mounting a partition in Fedora, so, yeah, Docker sounds likely. Funny, DDG finds nothing even close when searching ionclean.exe (a fudge) while Google finds links to errors in Docker and Docker fighting with Kubernetes

@Carnet If Linux, try ls -l /proc/<ionclean's PID>/exe, then feed the link target into your package manager's "get package owning file" feature (most of them have one, the man page or a Web search should tell you how).

@Carnet If it's an interpreter script (e.g. /proc/<PID>/exe points to /usr/bin/python3), try cat /proc/<PID>/cmdline; the script's path should be the first argument.

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