Please remember that @PeerTube_Isolation is something we really need to keep peertube away from far right speech. Peertube isolation provides us with a blocklist you can add to your peertube instance to automatically block reported instances. This account also provides the reason why an instance was added to the list, and you can contact it in case you find a server promoting far right speech.
Be aware that I'm not the one maintening this account.

@Carnet @PeerTube_Isolation Please remember that we don't need developers to be involved in politics on the Fediverse. Stay away from political discourses, you're destroying the foundation on which the Fediverse is built.
If you want to push some arbitrary rules, I suggest you make a centralized platform where the alt-right is not allowed.
You don' realize that you're playing their game, spreading hate and polarization.

@Btqcu734VUY5f3z @Carnet @PeerTube_Isolation agree, it would be ok I guess if it was on his private profile - but this has literally 0% to do with Carnet.

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