We finally released v1!

Please upgrade ASAP: it fixes a vulnerability regarding HTTP signature.

Until the end of the year, we'll work on v1 support/bugfixes and add some moderation tools

Have a nice week 😋

@Chocobozzz can you explain a bit how to do it for the hopeless users of peertube ! Is it for the instances managers or users ? Thanx

@Chocobozzz About peertube v1 update. I'm on it but i don't Knox how to upgrade it. Does it make sense? Sorry, i'm really hopeless in digital stuf


If you are only an user, you have nothing to do : the update will be done by the administrator of your instance, that is the server that host peertube.

@DamienCadoux @Chocobozzz Only admins need to update, as it's them who install and "mantain" the software running. So if you've got an account on, say,, you may tell some changes on the interface when the admin has upgraded. I don't know if it's easy to see on the browser!

@Chocobozzz Félicitations à vous tous ! 🎉 🍾

Peertube, c'est comme le bon vin, ça se bonifie avec le temps 😁

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