In August, @peertube entered a new stage in the development of #PeerTube v3. The objective is to raise €60k so they can implement, (1) global search, (2) moderation, (3) plugins & playlists, and (4) live streaming, here's the roadmap:

They already raised €37k which covers steps (1) and (2) and we're almost there for step (3) which is €40k.

Let's help build a decentralized alternative to #YouTube. Please boost and, if possible, donate.

#Fediverse #FOSS #OpenSource

@gadonias @peertube

The order is wrong, no? Why would global search be more important (1) than moderation (2) ?

I don't believe this order refers to how important each feature is, but you can double-check at their website :)


OK, I did double-check it:

The Website says:

Step 1 Global search (June)
Step 2 Moderation (July)

So my point stands: If you call something Step 1 and do it in June, it seems to be more important to you than something you call Step 2 and do in July.

#PeerTube #priorities



@El_joa @gadonias @peertube Nope, like the live streaming feature is not less important than plugins & playlists.

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