More than 6000 videos on the public fediverse! \o/

Thanks to all instance admins and uploaders!

Cool! I hope we will manage at some point to make federation between peertube and hubzilla working...

@mario Yes I need to work on this :/ But it's difficult to test federation with Hubzilla on localhost...

@Chocobozzz And we threaten to keep uploading. 😀

Thanks for your efforts on this.

@Chocobozzz Is adaptive video streaming supported, or planned for the future?

@kerrknoll What do you mean? Using a scalable video format?

@Chocobozzz Perhaps, I don't know how this would be done, but people have varying bandwidth limits and this is something that YouTube does well.

@kerrknoll If you just want PeerTube to choose the right definition depending on your bandwidth, it's already implemented. See for example

@Chocobozzz I see. It is pre-encoded for each of these bandwidths. Yes, that'll do. I guess this is how YouTube works as well. Thanks.

@Chocobozzz Is there a recommended tool and settings for preparing a video with appropriate bandwidth versions, or a format that can be used. Sorry if this is a noob question, feel free to point me at somewhere I can learn more. Very interested.

@kerrknoll PeerTube does this automatically if the admin enabled transcoding. Internally we just use ffmpeg :)

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