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Hey lovers!

We need you to help us grow into the YouTube alternative it can become.

Spread the word about, and fund the development of important features on

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@Framasoft this is awesome! I feel like there's a big need for it in LGBTQ+ circles, since YouTube demonitizes videos based on their content so many have switched to funding on Patreon and may want to jump platforms. :)


This looks cool. I'm still salty that #MediaGoblin doesn't get this much attention, though 😭

Both need more attention ; hopefully this is not a competition and the more people we convince alternatives are possible, the more are going to care about MediaGobelin and PeerTube.


Indeed! Since they'll both be on ActivityPub, I hope they'll be able to interact with one another as well!

I think some competition is healthy, so long as it's not the tooth-and-claw kind 😄


@Framasoft that looks almost like it's a zooko's triangle kinda thing :p

@Framasoft Okay this is promising, but that intro page should probably be separate from the home page. Or it should have way way clearer paths to just start browsing and watching videos. If you want to compete with YouTube you need to make it real easy for people to just jump in and start seeing content before making an account.