I don't have reddit ( also it's unfederated ;), but I have a question. What will peertube do when the crowdfunding runs out?


We want to keep on supporting PeerTube as long as we can. We want to secure PeerTube's dev employment.

But, as we are a non profit funded almost exclusively by donations from our french audience, and as we are working on a lot of projects (ie : we host 34 services), we can't say for sure that we will have the means to do what we want.


What is the current developer make-up of #peertube? Volunteer vs paid for instance? Will the money be used to kick-start the project, or pay existing volunteers? What does peertube expect the (developer) community to look like when the initial money runs out?

I can't answer to an AMA both on Reddit and here... so here is an alternative!

Would you mind asking your questions on our forum here : framacolibri.org/c/peertube (it's a self hosted Discourse) so the answer could benefit everyone else?

@Framasoft Q: Will you have a decentralised Framaeddit service to replace the unvisitable cesspool full of nazis that is Reddit in the near future?

@h I hear you. So, who starts developing such an alternative? Our own plate is kinda full right now, but it would be great.


BTW, we have a self-hosted discourse forum if you want to ask any other question: framacolibri.org/c/peertube

@Framasoft Just joking, but it will be a good thing when ActivityPub allows for the sort of functionality that's required by a Reddit type of application.

I'm not sure if it's possible to implement all of the functions of a Reddit-like application using the current standard, it would probably need to be extended.
(For example, to keep a consistent view across federated servers, when a post is the most upvoted one and it should appear at the top). Not trivial, demands more thinking.

@Framasoft Sorry, but i wouldn't register me there for asking one simple question. Are you planning to add live streaming in future versions like in Youtube, Facebook etc.?

@gwenn Not right now: we need a FOSS livestreaming tool supporting webtorrent, and our hand are kinda full untill v1 is done and complete (next october).

BTW, we have a self-hosted discourse forum if you want to ask any other question: framacolibri.org/c/peertube


J'avais jamais remarqué que les cheveux de @Pouhiou étaient assortis au logo de !

Coincidence ?

@nooe @Framasoft Non : je me suis juste tapé un gros gros délire avec ma coiffeuse :p

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