Mobilizon : let’s finance a software to free our events from Facebook !

We have less than 60 days to finance Mobilizon. Less than 60 days to promote our project of a free and federated alternative to Facebook events ; and to know how much we need to invest ourselves in it.

Change the software of the people who change the world?
From climate walks on …

@Framasoft I'd love to donate, but I have neither a credit card nor paypal. Is there no way to just donate via bank transfer?

@Framasoft That is a beautiful goal, but according to some, mass adoption will never happen.

@cambridgeport90 We know that it won't happen overnight. But we plan the same strategy that worked with peertube : go slow, but steady, starting with a core user-base and growing from it with every new feature.
There is no "instant Facebook killer", none that we are ableto develop (with our means). But we can propose a journey (over the next few years), that will lead to a real alternative used by many.

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