We want to develop a free-libre and federated alternative to Facebook events, that has been thought with activists' needs in mind.

To learn mode and contribute to the crowdfunding:

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@Framasoft Have you considered modifying Friendica or Hubzilla to suit your needs instead of starting a new project?

@Framasoft any alternative started today needs to build on open federation protocols such as activitypub or nothing will be gained.

@pv We do agree. That is why we hope to, at the very least, reach step 2 of our crowdfunding.

@Framasoft i hope the name is negotiable... Very much needed piece of software otherwise.

@gdr Actually, the name of the software isn't what counts, here. Eg: our Mastodon (the software) instance is called Framapiaf (name of the instance).
(and yes Framapiaf isn't the best of names ^^)
So, if you don't maintain your fork of Mobilizon, the name isn't negociable, no. But you're free to call your instance as you wish (or join one with a name more to your taste) ;).

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