Let’s De-frama-tify the Internet !

Wait up before you yell at us! but yeah, we are here to announce the gradual closing down, spanning several years, of some services from the De-google-ify Internet campaign. We want to achieve this goal in a spirit of cooperation, so that we can focus on more decentralization and efficiency for people who are aiming to

@Framasoft Thank you for everything up until here!

(Also, i'm sure there's a funkwhale tied to a tree somewhere in that image!)

@Framasoft That's bad news! #framadrop is important.. there's no acceptable alternative.

@Framasoft Here's the shit alternatives--

#Authorstream,#MediaFire,#Wattpad: trapped in the Great Wall of #CloudFlare

#calameo: registration blocked by Google reCAPTCHA

#Dropbox: Condaleeza Rice is on the board

#4shared: spam hell & broken anyway

#ISSUU: uses Amazon AWS; requires registration with non-disposable email acct

#Scribd: paywall with 30 day trial

#Slideshare: svc denied to non-MS #LinkedIn users

#Smashwords: verification email never comes if using a disposable email address

@Framasoft a frama service should only be dropped if there is a decent viable alternative

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