Framasoft stellt einen Großteil seiner Dienste ein. Das ist sehr schade, da sie weit über Frankreich hinaus beliebt waren.

Kostenlose Dienste anzubieten, die von Spenden refinanziert werden müssen, erweist sich als nicht nachhaltig.

Selbsthilfe, Selbstverantwortung und Selbstverwaltung sind da nachhaltiger.

Wir betreiben und bezahlen seit bald 20 Jahren unsere eigene digitale Infrastruktur.


@hostsharing We don't speak german but it seemed that you misanderstood why we'll stop some of our services. It's not a problem of sustainability. It's to allow other FLOSS entities to exist and to make people understand that services' concentration is not that good.

@Framasoft Ok, understood. To our knowledge Framasoft was very successful with getting donations to fund their services. Other entities either have to be as successful as you or they have to offer paid services. Free as in freedom not as in free beer. Funding such a decentralized service infrastructure is a real challenge at least in Germany.

@hostsharing Yes, funding services (meaning funding both their development and their hosting) is... fundamental. And not everyone is in a position to reproduce our model.

That is why we think we need more experimenting and facing those problems as a collective (being @ChatonsOrg or , or...). Framasoft is taking a step backwards so those collective can step forwards. That is what we aim for, at least ;).

(BTW an EN version of our blogpost is here: )

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