To avoid any confusion about which services are to be maintained, restricted or closed, we have produced a new visualization to read and share! (please retoot)

If you want to know more, please read our blog-post (in English) here

(thanks to @maiwann for her work <3! ) ... and still

@tuttifruttihat In almost 3 years, yes. You'll have plently of time to find another instance to migrate to (and we will help with that).

BTW, if you want to support @wallabag developpers, you can always get an account on ;)

@Framasoft @wallabag I would like to, but I have very limited knowledge of computers or software development 😞

@tuttifruttihat @Framasoft is exactly the same service than Framabag (without the limitations), I'm not sure what extra knowledge you would need. 🙂​


@tuttifruttihat Arf, sorry! what I meant was, if you use instead of Framabag, the money you will pay will fund the developpers of @wallabag for their work.

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