@Framasoft This looks gorgeous, I am looking forward the v1 release !

@Framasoft oh, comunque su #hubzilla c'è già tutto, è lì, bello pronto

@Framasoft With Meetup about to go titsup with the rest of WeWork, this couldn't come at a better time...

@priryo Well, it's a total coincidence (and quite happy for us).

But it's not very surprising: propriteray software and big data walled-gardens have always given the bests reasons to free and decentralized software.

@Framasoft @Doug Belshaw 🇪🇺☠️✊

> an alternative to Facebook groups and events

The more the merrier.

Nice Software, written nice to host.
I try it because I like to deploy one for my city: events.sum7.eu (IPv6only)

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