What is the decentralized alternative to events (e.g. facebook events or meetup.com)? gettogether.community looks cool but still centralized.

Something something iCalendar / caldav?

@mmarif @raboof Yup, we have just released the 1st beta of : framablog.org/2019/10/15/mobil (with a demo instance).

It's still a work in progress we plan to integrate federation by the end of the year, and a full v1 release during 1st semester 2020.

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It's interesting to see that a beta where all social share buttons lead to #gafam instead to #mastodon, #writeas, #plume, #friendica etc.
Will those networks be added when #activityPub will be integrated?
and yes, there is unfortunately no federated version of #linkedin... for professional information.


@nurinoas @mmarif @raboof
Social share buttons to ActivityPub projects are not possible because this is missing : github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ (and please don't ask me further explainations, I'm just tooting to help the devs, I'm not a dev 😉 - Pouhiou)

But yes, integration will help with sharing events on those networks: see you in December to see how!

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Thanks. The link back to #facebook is justa strange loop to sth. that the project aims to provide an alternative to.
Anyway, mastodon etc. have #api that can be explored at some point. Thanks to everyone for the good work!
@mmarif @raboof

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