So Cloudflare CTO John Graham-Cumming told me:
"US-based company (Mozilla) is working with US-based company (Cloudflare) on technology to be used by US-based users defending against ISP #DNS BS which ISPs have chosen to defend in Congress."

I read "Europeans should develop their own browser". (cc @Framasoft)
I also read that #Mozilla sold us, non-US citizens.
I also read no argument against my accusation of an unfair competitive advantage for #Cloudflare.



Hi !

Thanks for mentionning us, but we are a not-for-profit of 9 employees and 35 members (see infographic here ) who doesn't want to grow more.

Truth be told, we already are at over-capacity, so we won't be able to develop Europe's own browser.

But, of course, we'll be the firsts to support those who would try such an adventure.

@Framasoft I was not aware of the will to keep things small :) But I fully understand your position. Thank you for all the things you are already doing :heart:

I hope we will find a non-profit organization willing to fork and strip some existing browser with privacy in mind! I would be willing to pay annually for such a browser.


@x_cli Thank you so much for your kind words!

We have recently posted a piece about wanting to stay small (both
for decentralization and to keep the human way we do things), and rationalizing our services over the next 2 years. The english translation is available here ;)

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