We released v2 yesterday!
Improvements on federation, instances presentation and a brand new !
We're talking about live-streaming for the v3... more info here

@Framasoft A lot of these features are great, but is there going to be any way for creators to monetize their content?

It's a deal breaker for most YouTubers.

@tari_alfaro @Framasoft Peertube doesn't work the same way as YouTube, is not a single centralized server run by a giant ad company, instead it's many small hosting instances run by people and communicating each other (Pretty much like fediverse).

As for 💰 , you can still put links to a donation page, be Patreon, PayPal or another service of preference (in fact, is what most Youtubers are doing nowadays since the monetization system became such a mess).

@tari_alfaro @Framasoft The whole point of #thefediverse is that, as far as possible, you control your own data - since the only way to monetise videos is to allow adverts, which usually requires handing over all sorts of data from the users to the advertisers, this is pretty much the opposite of what the Fediverse is all about.

@Framasoft good news! You guys to a great job of building a video sharing platform that competes with existing solutions :)

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