I just made a 1000€ #donation to #Framasoft.

They offer #FreeSoftware solutions without #SurveillanceCapitalism for just about everything.

Since the #SocialDistancing started I made two videocalls with their #Jitsi instance and that saved me from feeling completely isolated. Unfortunately free telecommunication services are completely overloaded atm, but that's why it's so important to #DonateToFreeSoftware projects, especially right now.

Thanks @Framasoft ❤️



Wow! Thank you so much!
Your donations support us especially at this time and we have rented a 8 large servers to cope with the influx of visits in the last few days.

Thank you again, please tell yourself that this donation helps maintain our entire infrastructure, which welcomed ~700,000 people last month (and probably much more at the moment).


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