Search the entire PeerTube #fediverse with a single click:

No publicity, no "recommended for you" brainwash, no #BigBrother watching you. 🥁

100% freedom. 🎆

#Gnu AGPLv3 licence. 😍

Another kick in the ass to #Google. 🖕

Thank you @Framasoft !!!

#FuckOffGoogle !!!!


Thanks !!

As mentionned in out blogpsot , please note that we don't index the entire PeerTube Fediverse, as we will apply an a posteriori moderation (e.g.: instances promoting nazi content will be moderated from our index).

But sepiasearch is just **our** index: others can copy this search engine and apply their own moderation/indexation politics.

But thanks again for your enthusiasm, it is heartwarming!!!

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