Hi, we are the not-for profit who employs @Chocobozzz to develop PeerTube.

Please try not to ask him for support on his social media handle: if everyone did as you do, he would soon burn out and nobody wants that.
We usually don't offer support on socila media : it's way above our means.

You can contact us here contact.framasoft.org or come and share your questions on our forum framacolibri.org/c/peertube .



@manu @Chocobozzz
Concerning your question, there are 3 reasons that your instance might not be indexed by SepiaSearch

1. Someone has to add it to the index instances.joinpeertube.org/ins ;
2. The admins of the instance have asked us not to be indexed (it happens)
3. The instance has been moderated from the index (do not correspond to our Terms of Use framasoft.org/en/cgu/ , or our general moderation policy framasoft.org/en/moderation/ )


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