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That's nice, but does it implement ActivityPub for compatibility with MediaGoblin?

yes. they are working to implement ActivityPub. They are also in contact with cwebber

@Framasoft @RunningInCircles I dunno, with a lot of providers/institutions blocking torrents this may not work as well as described (and there's the issue of dmca/copyright enforcement)

@MightyPork @Framasoft
Institutes clicking may be a real issue
I would argue an ISP that blocks any particular type of traffic is not really an ISP. The internet is not just a few websites and a small set of protocols, but do many people are more concerned with cheap rather than full access 🙄 It's why at home I pay a lot more for internet access than my neighbours

@Framasoft @MightyPork
DMCA/copyright is always going to be a mess... It is now, and that's on monolithic platforms.

@MightyPork @Framasoft
Sheesh. Pre coffee typos galore.
Sorry 🙄 should be able to work out the gist.

@moshpirit MediaGoblin's federation is not implemented yet, but we'll use the same ActivityPub protocol (same as Mastodon's), so they might work fine together.

Peertube combines federation with webtorrent viewing-sharing, a feature that is not present in MediaGoblin and that is essential to our eyes (with webtorrent, your server won't be down if one of your videos becomes viral ^^).

@Framasoft Isn't that the same thing bittorrent tried a few years back?

@SunDancer I don't remember excatly their project but I think they didn't include federated hosting in it... or did they?
Anyway, thanks to new protocols (webtorrent + activityPub federation), it seems (and we hope) that this solution could really be a deal-changer.

@Framasoft I can't remember myself but they used a peer to peer network for twitch like streaming IIRC. I can't remember that name...

@Framasoft Are you FOR REALLL???? :D :D :D This is all I've ever wanted!

@Solon Weel, we do hope a growing number will use such a solution and contribute to make it the best it could be (it's a free-libre software, so that's tthe gaol ^^).
Thanks for the enthousiasm.

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