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That's nice, but does it implement ActivityPub for compatibility with MediaGoblin?

yes. they are working to implement ActivityPub. They are also in contact with cwebber

@paulfree14 @MutoShack isn't a bad alternative for hosting stand-alone videos

@Framasoft @RunningInCircles I dunno, with a lot of providers/institutions blocking torrents this may not work as well as described (and there's the issue of dmca/copyright enforcement)

@MightyPork @Framasoft
Institutes clicking may be a real issue
I would argue an ISP that blocks any particular type of traffic is not really an ISP. The internet is not just a few websites and a small set of protocols, but do many people are more concerned with cheap rather than full access 🙄 It's why at home I pay a lot more for internet access than my neighbours

@Framasoft @MightyPork
DMCA/copyright is always going to be a mess... It is now, and that's on monolithic platforms.

@MightyPork @Framasoft
Sheesh. Pre coffee typos galore.
Sorry 🙄 should be able to work out the gist.

@moshpirit MediaGoblin's federation is not implemented yet, but we'll use the same ActivityPub protocol (same as Mastodon's), so they might work fine together.

Peertube combines federation with webtorrent viewing-sharing, a feature that is not present in MediaGoblin and that is essential to our eyes (with webtorrent, your server won't be down if one of your videos becomes viral ^^).

@Framasoft Why not federated discovery/directory and peer-to-peer storage/hosting?

@SoniEx2 The best way to ask our dev questions is to go on our forum here :

I (I'm Pouhiou, Framasoft's CM) can't answer this in a toot ;). But I know that if our crowfunding goes well, we'll be able to finance Peertube's dev beyond the announceed beta, and one of the features will be the ability to give help between hosters (I don't know the tech behind it, though).

@Framasoft Isn't that the same thing bittorrent tried a few years back?

@SunDancer I don't remember excatly their project but I think they didn't include federated hosting in it... or did they?
Anyway, thanks to new protocols (webtorrent + activityPub federation), it seems (and we hope) that this solution could really be a deal-changer.

@Framasoft I can't remember myself but they used a peer to peer network for twitch like streaming IIRC. I can't remember that name...

@Framasoft Are you FOR REALLL???? :D :D :D This is all I've ever wanted!

@Solon Weel, we do hope a growing number will use such a solution and contribute to make it the best it could be (it's a free-libre software, so that's tthe gaol ^^).
Thanks for the enthousiasm.

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