2 semi-fast charge and one fast charge today. The battery is getting hot. (As expected).

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Now in Tauves, Puy-du-dôme.
Oops I'm a little short on autonomy for tomorrow fast charger... But I can use the electric outlet of my host. Lucky!

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Now in Lausanne, Switzerland.
I took the toll highway to access an electric car charger but I don't have the vignette... (38€!).
And I didn't know this toll systems ><.

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Whaaaat?!! It costs 35€ to take the Storebæltsbro bridge.
And 53€ for the Øresundsbro bridge.

THE FUCK! That would cost me 176€ round-trip...

Maybe I will abandon my trip and gonna go to the west side of France...

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I think I will only go to Denmark then going back by Netherlands, Belgium and west France.

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@benoit Si tu passes à Rennes, j'y suis le week-end prochain.

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