Does anyone have a good remedy for huge blisters/burn to help it heal quicker ? (the joy of odd jobs with beech wood)
Right know when I'm drawing, my pen is saying "f*ck you" to my hand 😅

Use a clean needle (cleaned with alcohol), pierce in two locations, and press to empty the blister. If it fills again, repeat the process, in a few days it will be dry and form a callous (that will go away after a while).
Tested on upright bass blister's, haven't seen a better way to deal with it.

Actually, there's no skin on it anymore, so nothing to pierce. I've noticed the blister (or what was left of it) when I was way past the "bubble stage". I guess I overdid it with the screwdriver.
So now I'm just hoping that it will dry soon enough, but that would have been great to have a magic trick to speed up the process ;)

Thanks a lot anyway ! :)


@Gynux ouch... A small bandage during the day, nothing during night to let it dry...

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