Your head when your friend is talking about something with passion, and you don't understand a single word.

Honk 🤡

"Shichimi doesn't particulary want to battle but has to obey her Master, who wants her to fight you!" would be a too long introduction text for a battle. But that's the spirit :P

Shichimi is a character from Pepper and Carrot by David Revoy


Lil strip to mark the occasion of the delivery of the Miliki Blog 3 package :P
It is there:

Thanks Malikiii :)


Petit strip pour marquer le coup de la réception du colis Maliki Blog 3 :P
C'est ici:

Merchi Malikiii :)

Received a lil something from Fleesveon on Twitter :D (on the Saint Nicolas day :P)

She's Healia, the fairy apprentice who jumps everywhere with her magical shoes :P

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Nartance a partagé

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