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Vous êtes à (ou proche) et vous voulez donner un coup de main à @laquadrature ou @Framasoft de façon originale ? On vous propose une ... récup de fin de marché ce WE ou la semaine prochaine ! Intéressé⋅e ?
Merci !

(Boost appréciés pour faire bouillir la marmite ;) )

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Ce week-end Khaganat est à Capitole du Libre !

Si vous avez envie d'en savoir plus, c'est sur notre stand ou pour les plus techniciens, samedi à 16h30

Un point sera fait sur le système, les avancées depuis un an et les projets envisagés. Si des gens curieux de Blender ne sont pas à la conf sur EEVEE juste en même temps, il y aura de quoi parler. Idem pour les amateurs de python…

@NathanHawks_xyz A simple project with a really good user experience is really hard to achieve.

I usually come with a story or a gameplay mechanics from wich I craft the story, with the story you can decide the setting, the core mechanics and the graphics you needed. And more important, you can set the boundaries of your game.

@NathanHawks_xyz Yeah it's big, having a team would be good for this project.

@NathanHawks_xyz Well, rpg mechanics are really hard to get right, even for a 10-person team, it requiers a lot of work to not be a burden on the player.
Like you said there is so much rpg-ish games out-there, it doesn't need another one (unless it's very good).

@NathanHawks_xyz It's a massively multiplayer online text game (not a mud or a rpg more an investigation game).

@NathanHawks_xyz I'm currently working on a project I searched for a proper coder for years for. Now I'm just tired of having this game stuck in my head...
Code is Art yeah, but to me it will be the tool that release me from a massive weight.
Hopefully the game will be something worth playing...

@NathanHawks_xyz I also think that the godot engine interface is helping a lot to easier the learning process.

@NathanHawks_xyz Actually I tried to learn Lua a while back and, at the time I didn't understant shit...
GDscript is easier for me.

@NathanHawks_xyz I'm not a dev at all, but godot has an easy-to-learn scenes and nodes system, various build-in to do lots of things (interface, 2d/3d games, network, etc). The GDscript is a Lua of some sort, to me it's pretty much like speaking english (once you know the syntax...). Plus a lot can be done without much script (not what I want to do but still).
The next version (3.x.x) will be out soon, you should check it (just one day, unity won't mind I promis ;)

@NathanHawks_xyz Good for you :)

I basically hate unity because linux version was soooo long to come. But a lot of people do good stuff with it very easily.