FreshRSS 1.10.0

FreshRSS 1.10.0 has just been released!

Notable changes:
* Compatibility with FeedMe 3.5.3+ on Android (see the beta version if not already out)
* Ability for the admin to reset a user’s password
* Ability to pause feeds, and to hide them from categories
* New icons for marking as favourite and marking as read in the Reading View
* Compatibility PHP 7.2
* Etc. See the release notes for details:

It will soon be available by auto-update when @marien has pushed the changes to the update server :-)

Thanks again to all the #freshrss contributors 👍🏻 (13 in this release)
In FeedMe, remember to set “Settings / Synchronisation Mode / All”.
FeedMe currently has a synchronisation strategy that is much slower than e.g. News+, especially for large amounts of unread articles, but I will make some suggestions of improvement to the developer in the coming days.

@alkarex Thanks a lot for this release!
I had problems previously with the API despite it had already worked a long time ago with easyRSS (don't know if it's a Nginx problem or freshRSS, but everything seemed to be OK in conf...)
I will retry to configure it then :)

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