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鈭 WeasyPrint v54.0

Footnotes support finally comes into WeasyPrint thanks to codeandco.com 馃帀
This release also brings support for parallel flows, SVG an PNG emojis鈥 and more!


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Un point , qui approche.

Cette 10猫me 茅dition (馃巶!) aura lieu les 24 & 25 mai 2022 脿 Lyon, dans la Manufacture des Tabacs (comme en 2020).


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Plus que deux semaines pour proposer des interventions pour les 2022 !

脌 vos claviers : pretalx.jdll.org/jdll2022/cfp !

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You want to discover things about Python packaging? Our serie of articles is complete!


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But it鈥檚 still far away, since it鈥檚 unlikely that I will be able to free much more time than I do now. But if you have some time to spare and would like to be involved in the development of Poetry by becoming a maintainer, let me know. We need all the help we can get.

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2022 has started and it鈥檚 time to reflect a bit on the past year from my open source projects standpoint: Poetry is steadily becoming more and more popular 鈥 on par with pipenv now if downloads are any indicator 鈥撀燼nd I鈥檓 glad people find value in it.

Mon vieux Galaxy A5 (+ de 4 ans), qui 茅tait devenu instable, tourne sans probl猫me depuis quelques semaines sous /e/OS.
Merci @e_mydata@twitter.com de permettre de prolonger la vie de des smartphones, en + d'锚tre + respectueux de la vie priv茅e.

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One DECADE after @aamonnz@twitter.com's first Web and Philosophy Symposium at La Sorbonne, we are organizing a decade retrospective to save a positive vision of the Web: Philoweb 2021! TODAY talks by @aaronsloman @WarrenSack @errantcanadian and more...


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Si vous n'aviez qu'une seule chose 脿 lire aujourd'hui, c'est 茅videmment @agnes_crepet@twitter.com qui r茅pond aux questions de @wttj_fr@twitter.com welcometothejungle.com/fr/arti

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A new feature comes to WeasyPrint! Thanks @expertGermany@twitter.com for sponsoring this development 馃挏
Let us introduce you to line-clamp 馃帀

Discover the property and how to use it in this article 猬囷笍

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馃檧馃摚 Announcements 馃摚馃檧
馃棑 Save the date: 18, 19 and 20th of May

馃棧 10 amazing speakers
馃暉 Livestream (talks and Q/A) from 5PM to 8PM (CEST)
馃懃 Chat and fun
馃師 Registration opening soon
No 馃 but 馃А love for everybody

Take care, see you soon!

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芦聽 la fabrique de l鈥檌gnorance聽禄
La science 脿 l鈥櫭﹑reuve des int茅r锚ts de l鈥櫭ヽonomie de march茅 ? A voir sur @arte@twitter.com et 脿 茅couter sur @lamethodeFC
Sciences et industrie : tous vendus ? via @franceculture franceculture.fr/emissions/la-

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Python is 30 years old this month. Here's an archive of the first beta release (by @gvanrossum@twitter.com obviously), version 0.9.1, with some tweaks to make it work today: github.com/smontanaro/python-0
More info in this thread: mail.python.org/archives/list/

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Breaking: Mars becomes the second planet that has more computers running Linux than Windows.

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CERN鈥檚 Open Hardware Licence v2 now joins the family of @OpenSourceOrg@twitter.com certified licences to better serve the community. Read more: home.cern/news/news/knowledge-

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Werkzeug 2.0.0rc1 has been released. This release candidate has some significant changes. If you use Flask (or Werkzeug) please try this release, and report any issues you encounter :).

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succeeded to run a online conference with over 8000 participants with completely ().

Big thanks to the and the team!

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VideoLAN is 20 years old today!

In fact, 20 years ago today, VideoLAN moved from a closed-source student app to the GNU GPL, thanks to the authorization of the @centralesupelec director of that time.

VLC has grown a lot since, thanks to 1000 volunteers!



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