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@Framasoft ha lanciato la campagna per finanziare un , decentrato e federato per sostituire gli eventi di Facebook e non solo:
In due giorni
ha raccolto più di 15000 euro. È proprio vero che insieme si va più lontano :) Possiamo dare una mano anche noi? L'elenco di tutti i servizi liberi di lo trovate qui: @Ca_Gi @paolo @steko @karjudev @Shamar @adrianomaini @maupao

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nilocram su Twitter: "In meno di 24 ore il finanziamento di lanciato da @Framasoft ha già superato i 10000 euro: Chapeau! È proprio vero che insieme si va più lontano :)"


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@rain: actually a lots of updates are #security updates which should scare most people... if only they understood what those updates imply.

@bob: I think there is a fundamental problem here. For example, at operating system level, all hardware COULD be exposed by abstract general purpose and composable interfaces.

My favourite one is the file system, with #Plan9 being a nice (if unpolished) example that you can indeed express anything by composing hierarchical #filesystems.

The problem is that we are building on top of #OS that lack any design (or lost and perverted it during their evolution). And this left space to #browser abuse, #HTTP as an application distribution platform, automatic execution of untrusted #JavaScript and so on...

That's why I started #Jehanne: we need to see how far a simple well designed interface (and distributed filesystem #protocol) can go by simple composition of small programs.

Otherwise we face the Curse of Frankenstein

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"Yes, similar to existing attacks, attackers can only mount our attacks in practical settings once they have the ability to execute (unprivileged) code on the victim machine. We could convince ourselves this is still an obstacle, but we should first be prepared to disable JavaScript (and similar) in the browser, abandon cloud computing, etc."

I'm keen!

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Hello everybody!

This is my last post from

My new #fediverse accounts are @Shamar and @Shamar

You are welcome to follow me there, if you wish!

Good bye! 😉

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Yeah, I tried a couple of years ago, when it was called "Ring".

I liked the fact that it was truly end-to-end communication with no servers (al all) in the middle.

But at the time it was very unreliable and battery hungry on mobile devices. I hope it's better now, 'cause the idea is really good.


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#introductions time!

My name is Andrew and I run
I'm interested in #retrocomputing and #retrogaming, particularly #Sega consoles, #Amiga computers, 8-bits, and Tandy-Radioshack computers.

I try to learn electronics and programming in my free time, but those projects move very slowly.

#AMA !


@Jami at a first glance it seems you are the first to get the communication architecture right!

I was very amused by looking at your website, but then found something weird.

In the policy you name the : what do you use it for?

Which network are you using?

Is it optional?

Can it be removed?

Will keep working when the will be finally forgot?

I can't find the matter named anywhere else, but to me it's fundamental before spreading it.

Just learnt about .

Looks awesome.

Anyone knows it?

One single issue: in the privacy policy they say they use a :

I can't find any other info about it but I know that the BlockChain is going to crash soon, so... will it survive to it?

/cc @switchingsocial

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Israeli espionage firm hacks WhatsApp. Can install spyware with missed call.

My advice: dump WhatsApp today and start using Wire ( Tell your friends and family to do the same. (It’s a simple, free download on all app stores. Easy to use, doesn’t require your phone number, and their business model is based on charging for commercial use and for pro accounts.)

You can find more alternatives on @switchingsocial (


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Just deployed

Will add encryption and movie recommendations tomorrow.

I welcome all critiques!

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@Shamar @zig @pox @grainloom (with-lying (lie (make-instance 'standard-financial-lie)) ...)

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Microsoft has released their new Terminal application to GitHub, marketing it as another demonstration of their commitment to "open source". While the project is MIT licensed, did you know it is inextricably linked and dependent upon numerous proprietary SDK tools, headers, and the Visual C++ ATL.

Do not be fooled, see through the mirage of feigned support to undermine and sabotage the original ethics of the free software movement!

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@zig @Shamar @grainloom the creeps want the one global language to be JS

us Lispers gotta rise up and take the power back
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