I think that preventing corporate usage is not enough.


Did you changed your mind since we talked about the (or maybe I'm confusing you with someone else in my memory?)


(Note that I'm going to remove ANY grant to organizations)


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Thanks to #WSL people can run #Linux tools on #Windows.

Think about it....

... a little more...


Let me give an hint: people can install an X server too (separately, either ##Xming or #Cygwin).

Nothing yet?

Ok, last tip: you can install #xpdf from #Debian #GNU / Linux.



You can teach people how to read #DRM protected #PDF on #Microsoft Windows.

But that's not the most interesting lesson you can teach them.

Through this DRM violation you can show them how fragile is #Capitalism. 😉

And it's even more general: there are always ways to subvert an oppressive system, usually provided by the oppressors themselves.

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@Shamar @nepfag @petit @xj9

- The BASIC era
- The Excel era
- The HyperCard era which degenerated into an HTML era whuch degenerated into the Web Stack
- Here's where we need to create the next era of development usability and composability
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#letzhack podcast with me and @gunstick is now live.

We talked about:
- new #cookies consent judgement
- #Google 's circumvention of Safari cookies blocker judgement
- Microsoft trying to trick you in creating #Cloud accounts instead of local ones in #Windows 10
- @LuxSecurityWeek @hack_lu @MISPProject @BSidesLux #CyberSecurityMonth
- @Snowden's book #permanentrecord
- etc...


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The first Librem 5 smartphones are shipping puri.sm/posts/first-librem-5-s “This is a big moment, not just for us as a company, but for everyone concerned about issues of privacy, security, and user freedom. The Librem 5 represents years of work, building the software and hardware required to make this phone a reality.” - Todd Weaver, founder and CEO of #Purism #Librem5 #Librem5Aspen #Linux #LinuxPhone #LinuxMobile #GNOME #FOSS

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Nuove prospettive per @Framasoft all'insegna della decentralizzazione framablog.org/2019/09/24/defra
Una sfida per una rete sostenibile e decentralizzata @nilocram @quinta @Shamar @Ca_Gi

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Déframasoftisons Internet !


Ne hurlez pas tout de suite, mais nous annonçons ici la fermeture progressive, sur plusieurs années, de certains services de « Dégooglisons Internet ». Nous voulons le faire en bonne intelligence, afin de concentrer nos énergies vers plus de décentralisation et d'efficacité pour les actrices et les acteur

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Hei amici, so che non è venerdì, ma ho appena scoperto che @quinta si è unito al #fediverse.

Senatore in Parlamento, membro del High Level Expert Group sull'Intelligenza Artificiale per la Commissione Europea, e molto altro che non ho il tempo di elencare.

Se siete interessati alla #Tecnologia, alla #Politica ed alla loro stretta relazione, vi consiglio di seguirlo.

Hey mates, I know it's not but I've just learnt that @quinta joined the !

Former Senator in the Parliament, member of the High Level Expert Group on for Commission and much much more I have no time to list.

A person worth to follow if you are interested in , and their strict relation.

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started teaching programming to my sis again
we made a number that can move around on the screen in #love2d :blobuwu:
next step is probably to make it bounce around instead of going out of bounds

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RT @Sarita_Libre@twitter.com

Volete sapere come sono entrata in contatto con i migranti rinchiusi nei lager libici? saritalibre.it/contatto-migran di @Sarita_Libre@twitter.com

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Le réseau social de l'avenir : Pas d'annonces, pas de surveillance institutionnelle, conception éthique et décentralisation ! Possédez vos données avec Mastodon !