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Oh e qui ci sono le coordinate: partito-pirata.it/2019/07/asse

(non so ancora in che sessione sarà messo il mio tavolo, purtroppo)


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Sarà un piacere! 😀

Se potessi partecipare al tavolo, le tue competenze sarebbero preziose!

Se hai un momento, qui trovi delineata la visione su cui vorrei basare questo progetto: forum.partito-pirata.it/t/il-p

Qui invece trovi una (più lunga e forse noiosa) descrizione delle finalità del tavolo di lavoro: forum.partito-pirata.it/t/tavo


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Ciao #Fediverse!

Chi ha voglia di fare quattro chiacchiere su #Informatica, #Politica, #Educazione e #Democrazia?

Sabato a #Milano partecipo ad un tavolo di lavoro del Partito Pirata il cui scopo e definire un progetto politico innovativo per il Partito Pirata del 2020 basato sull'etica #hacker.

Un progetto che parte dall'educazione informatica per diffondere la #Curiosità che ci caratterizza ed applicarla, insieme alle nostre competenze, alla ricerca di soluzioni razionali e concretamente realizzabili per i diversi problemi della nostra società.

Un progetto convintamente #Democratico e #Costituzionale che si fonda sui Principi Fondamentali della nostra #Costituzione.

Un progetto #Politico ambizioso.

Chi ha voglia di partecipare alla sua stesura?

Sono un e voglio che la sia veicolo di , non strumento di .

E questo è possibile.
Basta sapere come fare.


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I just released Odysseus 1.6.0!

I'll let you know when it's available on the elementary AppCenter, or it's also packaged for Nix and Arch.

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Uhm... yeah... I did forget how picky you are with people who don't worship you.

As I said, I don't like GNU tools just like you, but cursing them won't hide the fact that basically all existing free software and all existing open source projects simply would NOT EXIST without them.

This is not a reason to worship GNU. But it's enough to not fire on the red cross.

Anyway... good night!

@xj9 @petit

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long, on undefined behaviours, human sin, computing history and why people should read the C standard before blaming GCC 


Are you sure?

Because the #C99 #standard say something different.

On section 3.4.3 the standard defines "undefined behaiour" as "behavior upon use of a nonportable or erroneous program construct or of erroneous data,for which this International Standard imposes no requirements"

The standard also clarify: "Possible undefined behavior ranges from ignoring the situation completely with unpredictable results, to behaving during translation or program execution in a documented manner characteristic of the environment (with or without the issuance of a diagnostic message), to terminating a translation or execution (with the issuance of a diagnostic message)."

In section 4, about Conformance, the #C standard says: "A program that is correct in all other aspects, operating on correct data, containing unspecified behavior shall be a correct program and act in accordance with"

And then add "A strictly conforming program shall use only those features of the language and library specified in this International Standard.2)It shall not produce output dependent on any unspecified, undefined, or implementation-defined behavior and shall not exceed any minimum implementation limit."

Note the wording used: in a STRICTLY conforming program the output must not depends on undefined behaviour, but it doesn't exclude undefined behaviours in a CORRECT program!

That's because C was designed as a low level language: undefined behaviour were basically hook for compiler designers.

So ultimately GCC is just handling undefined behaviour BY THE STANDARD.

And this way of handling undefined behaviour is not a C invention.

Algol 68 standard said:
" Undefined
a) If something is left “undefined” or is said to be “undefined”, then this means that it is not defined by this Report alone and that, for its definition, information from outside this Report has to be taken into account. {A distinction must be drawn between the yielding of an undefined value (whereupon elaboration continues with possibly unpredictable results) and the complete undefinedness of the further elaboration. The action to be taken in this latter case is at the discretion of the implementer, and may be some form of continuation (but not necessarily the same as any other implementer’s continuation), or some form of interruption ( brought about by some run-time check.}
b) If some condition is “required” to be satisfied during some elaboration then, if it is not so satisfied, the further elaboration is undefined."

Don't blame GNU Compiler Collection!

It's just that we are all tightly coupled!

And we are all brothers, all subject to the original sin. ;-)

@petit @xj9

Ok, I have a working lumia 635 with Phone 8.1

Anybody has any fun or interesting hack to suggest with it?

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everyone: cLOuDfALRE IS Down IOH noOOOO

me: *chugging away with bittorrented PDFs, locally saved websites, and wikipedia*

A tutti gli italiani che si occupano di informatica: è nato gambe.ro una comunità italiana uno spazio di discussione in lingua italiana e di scambio focalizzato sullo sviluppo software.

Fate girare!
(se volete un invito e abbiamo già chiacchierato in precedenza, mandatemi la vostra mail via DM)

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Not sure how we'd compare, but it seems to me that Fuchsia is the most money spent by any company to avoid the GPL. — lwn.net/Articles/792465/rss

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Il crowdfunfing per ha raggiunto l'obiettivo dei 50000 euro, ma la raccolta di fondi e anche la campagna di informazione sul progetto continuano: frama.link/GR9SWTtx @karjudev@mastodon.uno @Ca_Gi @steko @wikimediaitalia @paolo @Shamar @mobilizon @Framasoft

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@rysiek I'd have said it is legislative problem. We need to stop assigning human rights and privileges to corporations and rescind the same. @axx

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@axx it still feels somehow superficial. I am missing the word 'regulation' for example. So far it was all about pressure and such. We need to be clear this is largely a regulatory problem.

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Nationalization of tech 

If Facebook gets nationalized then its monopoly power merely gets reteritorilized within the nation state (USG). It becomes fully integrated with the NSA and politicians can wield it directly for any agenda they have (like running ICE).

Nationalization would be the worst option because the nation state is itself a site of concentrated power wielded on behalf of the rich and exclusionary by definition.
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@codewiz @lightweight

Ads are far more than annoying. Name any ill in our modern world that wasn't an issue thousands of years ago, and I can probably tie it to *dependency* on advertising (especially when you consider that political campaigns are driven by ads).

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A tutti coloro che masticano di informatica e parlano italiano: vi piacerebbe un Partito Politico come questo?



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