Hey @switchingsocial , do you know a good VPS that hosts @yunohost ?

Hi @Stem I'm sure that @yunohost will be able to answer better, but in theory any host where you can install Debian should work. With a debian install you can easily add YunoHost

@switchingsocial @Stem we know that time4vps provides @yunohost has an option for their OS but I have no idea on the quality of it

Otherwise it's just a script to launch on a stretch debian (in a shell) if that's something you feel confortable with doing

@Stem @yunohost @switchingsocial vultr lets you upload custom images, so you can upload the yunohost image

@Stem most VPS come with Debian or something else preinstalled.

then just do this:

curl | bash


I tried OVH and Hetzner, both work great with yunohost (as any VPS provider that allows debian I guess), but no automated install, you have to run the YNH install script (which is easy to do)

@switchingsocial @yunohost

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