Hello, @switchingsocial , do you know an alternative to radionomy ?

Depending on how technical you are, #Icecast is a *very* popular choice for internet radios. I've considered setting it up many times but never got around to it.

There's another thing that uses Icecast as the backend but it's a web interface that makes managing it easy. I can't remember the name though :thonking:

@controlfreak @amolith @Stem @switchingsocial I'll throw in as well.
Ive tried to install it but havent been succesful yet. Lol. Im a noob.

@unklebonehead @controlfreak @Stem @switchingsocial
Ahhh that's the other thing I was trying to think of! 😂 If I was going to run an internet radio, I would most likely use AzuraCast.

@amolith @controlfreak @Stem @switchingsocial Yeah. Im gonna give it another go this weekend. I got a friend that runs a shoutcast station that has an average of 3000-4000 listeners and he wants off of shoutcast with a passion.

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