Proposing a new recurring . Who's in?

The idea: free/libre and open source source () projects that you like, giving a screenshot and basic information + links.

This should help many of us users discover hidden gems of the ecosystem.

Please boost 🍍 and give it a go!

@akien please note that federated Hashtags are just a Mastodon hack. We have groups here in gnusocial e.g. !ilovefs

@akien nice. now we even have 2 themes for the #monday
#AnarchyMonday and #LibreMonday

We might can combine the topics from time to time.
Like which #libre tools you're using for organizing within your network and so on?
Seems clear that monday is the day about #freedom :)

( any other day also)

@paulfree14 Oops, I had searched for trending hashtags to avoid a conflict on , but I missed ... but yeah, I guess we can find some interesting combinations :P

And I guess it's pretty natural to be thinking about freedom on Mondays, when going back to $dayjob after the weekend ;)

@akien yes that was our motivation of choosing monday for such thing :)'s still very unpopular, but already the 3. #AnarchyMonday ppl participated.

Idea would be to maintain over time for everyday a specific hashtag.

guess having 2 on one day is better then having none :)
May ppl like to switch to another day, mabe not. time will tell.

@akien Okay, I'm in!

Here's a hidden gem for video game authors: Dr Petter's sfxr.

8 bit video game sound effect generator! And it's free software. Also an interesting article about sound effect synthesis

#showcase #LibreMonday

#LibreMonday (barely in time)

#LMMS is a loop based, music composition tool. It features core functionality such as loop and piano roll editors, a mixer. It has full midi support, comes with a library of samples and demos, it has several built in plugins including synths, support for soundfonts, etc. LMMS works with Linux, Windows and Mac.

(@akien thanks for the excellent idea)

@eylul @akien This looks really cool, thanks for the lead!

MComix is a comic viewer. It unpacks all the archives, finds the next chapter just by scrolling down, and fits everything in the right dimension.

cum (comic updater, mangafied) is a tool for automated manga downloads from various online manga aggregate sites. Perfect to get things you can read in MComix.

@akien OSS/GNU stuff for Microsoft or... ?

I think the best thing for anyone to do would be to install gnu/linux or bsd (or a few others).

Until I know better what you want, I'm including a screenshot of the graphical software installer in Linux Mint. 86,000 pkgs available at a click. All digitally signed and verified and free.

No more installing from random links on the internet!

@gemlog Well I want free and open source software, regardless on what premises they're built upon - so yeah FLOSS that runs on proprietary Windows is fine too. Showcasing a libre GNU/Linux distro is also good, that's free software :)

@akien I tried promoting #workflowwednesdays to kind of do this. I'm in for #LibreMonday and #showcase though since it seems to have picked steam.

Currently finishing a short recap of a music festival in #Kdenlive.

@akien I loved the idea! I have shared a link and boosted many more! I'll be sure to add a reminder for every monday to post at least about one software I'm using!

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