Belated with a tool I've grown so used to that it's the first thing I install in any distro: .

It's a drop-down terminal for , inspired from the console - just press F12 and it rolls down/back up, so I can always have a terminal handy.

For GTK users, is an equivalent tool :)

Source code (GPL-2.0):

For Guake:

Shout out to for today's !

It's a great project developing libre cross-platform drivers for Head-Mounted Devices ( headsets) with very good support for many commercial headsets (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR, etc.).

They have nice integration in tools like , or academic programs, various libre and commercial games, and already initial support for VR with !

Source repository (Boost):

Almost forgot my :)

is a lightweight, cross-platform editor with HTML preview.

I use it every now and then when is not enough for a quick edit of a .md file :)

Source repo (GPL-2.0+):

Have you met... ripgrep? It's a cross-platform command line tool to search for expressions in all files recursively, combing the usability of tools like `ack` (which I used to use before finding ripgrep) and the power of `grep`.

Try it, you'll never want to go back to one of its predecessors.

It's so good that I started learning and packaging its toolchain for because of it :)

The GitHub README is a very good read.

Repo (MIT):

If you're looking for a lightweight, good looking and powerful calculator, I highly recommend !

It's cross-platform, portable and you can type easily any kind of simple or advanced formula and see the results in real time. Ah, and of course! :)

Source repo (GPL-2.0+):

Belated about one of my favorite games, Endless Sky!

Trade, explore and fight in the sky in this impressively polished game, both gameplay, storytelling and art wise. The main dev Michael Zahniser is an great artist :)

Version 0.9.8 was released yesterday, go grab it! Warning: very addictive :D

Source (GPL-3.0+ and various permissive CC for assets):

In my quest for a decent file manager for , I'm now playing with , a cross-platform application in FreePascal.

I tweaked the options a bit to make it look less retro/command-line, so far so good. I still need to get used to its features but it's already much better than plain old explorer.exe (though that isn't hard :P)

One request for once.

On - $dayjob :| - I'm using the CubicExplorer file manager to replace the lackluster and proprietary Windows Explorer: (purifying the workspace one utility at a time...)

Sadly the upstream project seems dead and I don't see a continuation fork.

Any recommended file manager for Windows (7)?

We recently released the first alpha build of Godot 3.0, with a brand new state-of-the-art physically based rendering (PBR) engine and tons of new features :)

self-promotion :)

is a free and open source 2D and 3D game engine, community developed and incredibly feature-packed - on many points on par with or even superior to its proprietary counterparts.

It lets you develop any kind of game and export it to many platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, HTML5 and more.

For professionals and hobbyists alike :)

Source repo (MIT):

Lutris is a nice gaming library for , which lets you install and configure "runners" for native games, Wine games, emulators, Steam games, etc., all within the same interface.

You can then access all your games from Lutris and enjoy browsing them with their nice banners :)

Source repository (GPL-3.0+):

with some libre !

Tanks of Freedom is a pretty rad pixel art isometric TBS game, developed by P1X under the MIT license.

It uses the similarly licensed game engine and can therefore run on all mainstream platforms (desktop, mobile, web).

Source code (MIT and CC-BY-SA 3.0):

Redshift has become a must-have tool for me: it adjusts the screen color temperature and luminosity based on the time of the day.

Runs cross-platform (at least I tested self-compiled + distro pkg on Linux and upstream binary on Windows), and literally a life saver for those spending too much time behind the screen :)

Source code (GPL-3.0):

Plus anciens

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