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A custom license is not necessarily creative commons or FOSS / FLOSS compliant 

That the work is distributed for free or that the code is out in open alone is not enough.

Many of the custom licenses and modifications of existing licenses have unintended consequences: many are incompatible with standardized licenses (hurting re-usability among other things), some are unenforceable, or even conflicting.


#FOSS / #FLOSS / #OpenSource

Call me self-centered, but I kind of enjoy the attention I've been getting lately.

400+ pull requests/month on #github the last 2 months!

And you, do you contribute to #FOSS tools? Give it a try, it's rewarding :)
#graph #community

Since I'm here... I guess an #introductions would be welcome?
I'm on GitHub, and have contributed to @godotengine for a few years now. I also made a few games with KOBUGE, such as Minilens (in case you heard of it 🙂 ). I mostly work in 2D, though I made a few PoC-s with 3D.
Anyway, nice to be here on mastodon!

Sinon donc, pour faire des backups automatisés à haute fréquence, avec déduplication, compression, chiffrement etc etc, il y a borgbackup, superbement présenté par Karolak ici :

Même la doc officielle suffit amplement pour l'installer et l'utiliser :


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Je viens de découvrir DejaDup, le logiciel de base d'Ubuntu pour effectuer des sauvegardes à distance. Eh bien, ça remplit très bien sa mission ! Avec un mot de passe, la sauvegarde est même chiffrée avant d'être envoyée sur le serveur. Idéal pour des sauvegardes personnelles (tous les mois ou moins fréquemment) ; pour les sauvegardes automatisées plus fréquentes, il y a borgbackup.

(et en plus c'est juste une interface graphique sur duplicity / rsync si je suis bien)


Hey, you. Cancel all your weekend plans and start playing :

This is a beautiful, heart-tearing masterpiece that I would recommend to anyone. I've rarely experienced such a poignant game, definitely one of my favorites games of the decade.

Also, terrific soundtrack :-)

New colouring of a sketch from @davidrevoy !

This was again from David Revoy's inktober sketches series, the theme was "Crooked".

It was also released as CC-BY here (

This time, my edit is also released as CC-BY! You can find the .kra source and high resolution .jpg here: (

#art #colouring #krita #artwithopensource #open_source #CC_BY #pepperandcarrot

Suite à des observations de terrain, je pense pouvoir affirmer qu'un bébé se dirige toujours vers l'objet le plus dangereux à portée.

Je pense qu'il y a un truc à faire pour remplacer les portiques des aéroports.


Today is , and I'd like to encourage you to checkout and :

It may seem weird to use beta or nightly software as an end user, but I'm using Firefox Nightly in production at work and at home, and it's been a blast!
On my phone, I use Firefox Beta to reduce bandwidth usage.

Also, Firefox Beta is currently the fabled FF 57 aka the first output of "Project Quantum"... It's. Crazy. Fast.

and respects your privacy, go for it!

Rock Paper Shotgun's Dominic Tarason dons his cape and rocket boots for a quick tour around my little text adventure with FPS style controls, The Spicy Meatball Saves The Day

Hello ! 🍍

You and your friends need to know about this amazing game engine 🎮, so watch, boost and spread the word! 🗣

@framasky Lutim est hors service ? J'ai un "504 Gateway Time-out" sur depuis hier (au moins, pas testé les jours d'avant). is having temporary problems after a bad deploy (updating to a groups-capable version of synapse); will be back asap

It's #LibreMonday again!

This time I suggest something that's not complete and available yet, but I really want to see it succeed!

The Librem 5 by @Purism will be a smartphone designed to respect your privacy. It will run completely free (as in speech) software by default but it will be able to run many different Linux distros.

There is a crowdfunding going on with only a few days left and it's looking pretty good so far!

Much 💙 to the people at Purism! :)

[fr] Photo de fin d'une première semaine de pre-production incroyable avec le réalisateur Andy Goralczyk[1]. Il s'est déplacé en France sur Montauban pour qu'on puisse bosser ensemble. C'était génial!

[en] Ending photo after an amazing week of pre-production with the director Andy Goralczyk [1]. He came to France in my city Montauban so we could work together! It was great!



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