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We're proud to share the release of GNOME 42! After months of hard work from all our teams, this release brings many improvements and exciting new features, like dark mode!
#GNOME42 #releaseday

Learn more about all the changes in #GNOME42 in our release notes:

A warning to fellow professionals. Don't let your job define the entirety of your being

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hey! I wrote a pretty thorough guide on making really good kombucha. I figured after 46 batches it would be cool to share what I've learned.

Making delicious kombucha is easy, cheap, and anyone can do it. You can make it just the way you want it. And there's nothing like enjoying your own homebrew!

Boosts appreciated :blobcat_love:

I asked a question before, what is USA planning to do now that Russia is a member country of BRICS?

India is buying Russian oil using ruble -rupees exchange, how is this affects US dollar dominance?

Remember one of the objectives of BRICS is to use common currency which is alternative to dollar.

Pakistan, Bangladesh, Argentina, Nigeria, Turkey, Syria and Sudan are too showing strong interests in joining the bloc.

India buys 3 million barrels of Russian oil: report | TheHill

Nos navigateurs et le respect de notre vie privée : @privacytests
Quelqu'un utilise Librewolf ? Des retours ?

Here's a gentle reminder that #FDroid doesn't tax #android app developers in any way. However we humbly ask you to support us with your donations.

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Mes compétences en géopolitique sont limitées.
En effet Streisand, un peu moins.
Rappelons cette sympathique image que l'homophobe du Kremlin voudrait voir disparaître.

clique ici pour avoir un câlin 

CÂLIN !!!!

Quand tu dois choisir entre manger un cordon bleu ou une saucisse purée, sans demander à #McKinsey.

fediverse instance threatened by new laws 

Switter, the sex-worker friendly fediverse service, is closing due to hostile legislative changes Sex workers (and sexy writing and speech) are canaries in the coal mine for incoming authoritarianism in general.

This is depressing to think about nonfree firmware eating the world:

Uncompressed source code of Linux 5.16.7: 1.1GB

The "source" of nonfree firmware: Over 700MB and growing so it's a good percentage of the size of the ENTIRE KERNEL ITSELF.

Free firmware with actual source code? 24.5MB and not growing

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