Designed to be repaired – can be fully disassembled with a single screwdriver

Battery super-quick to replace – in 5 seconds, like the old days

10 years of software support – yes, we mean it, it works for a decade

10 year FREE spare part guarantee – delivered in 24 hours

Built with care – child labour-free, recyclable, sustainable, organic, fair trade

The 10 Year Smartphone -

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@alexisju c’est très noble comme initiative, mais je suis vraiment sceptique 🤨 sur la réussite du projet.

@alexisju Je n'avais pas cliqué dessus car je ne voulais pas Backer ce projet car je savais que ce n'était pas réalisable LOL.

@alexisju was looking at the picture of the phone and thinking "weird to put 4 cameras on such a phone", then I clicked the "get the phone" button ^^

@silmathoron @alexisju Oh! I nearly dismissed the whole thing because I thought "nice product, but who knows if it will deliver on its promises, this should really be required by law from all phone manufacturers". Turns out that the website creators thought the same thing.

@alexisju au tout départ je me suis dis "10 ans... C'est ambitieux, même Fairphone n'y arrive pas !" Et puis j'ai compris :-)

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