To be honest, since guix.gnu.org/blog/2019/joint-s I feel uncomfortable with #Guix.

What I've read there and on freesw.org/ puzzles me.

Looks like #OpenSource that finally replaced #FreeSoftware inside the #FSF is attacking the #GNU movement, now.


@Shamar Hi! I understand the bewilderment: I believe the Joint Statement has little to do with Guix itself and does not belong to the website. I'm not on the list myself and I can only be sure that Guix will go on, regardless of the statement. I hope this reassures you and does not deter you from using this wonderful program/concept/OS :)


I followed a bit the debate on the mailing list. But frankly, since it's still on the website and nobody published a "Joint Statement fix", #Guix last word is written down there.

I'm a #Debian #GNU #Linux user since "Potato", but after the #systemd outcome I was looking for an alternative.

I like some of the technical features of Guix / #Nix but honestly... I can't support a project joining the lynching of a man for what he _said_.

So in fact, all I can appreciate the concept, that "joint statement" really deter my usage of Guix.

#Software is a form of #expression.

#FreeSoftware IS #FreeSpeech.

I know there are #OpenSource people who pretend to ignore what happened and celebrate it like a #CoC success or so.

What I find very daunting is seeing this happening within #FSF and #GNU.

#Google is winning. 🤮

@Shamar @ambrevar Yes, Guix is GPLed plot to bring power to open source and Google.

Excluding a holy cow for repeated abuse of his position is a lynch!

Not giving a community‑driven platform to assholes is a freedom of speech issue.

PS GNU Shephard is inspired by systemd.

In conclusion go to some antisystemd distro where toxicity and vitriol is protected freedom of speech.


Did you noticed your aggressive tone?

That's the usual approach of people supporting #CoC, #workplace like management (aka exploitation) of highly specialized #volunteer work, and #hacker marginalization.

I have no time for you. 😘



PS: I noticed you didn't signed such statement. I really appreciate it.

But still, your work is contributing to that same project. Even if you don't like it.

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