Regarding Emacs: you might be surprised, I've actually got a couple of non-programmer friends to use it. With minimal configuration (e.g. CUA bindings), it gets the job done.

Git: There is Git Kraken and it does an amazing job, some non-programmer friends have no problem using it. I didn't mention it in the article since it's non-free.

Guix: It mostly needs an easy-to-use interface for package management, then anyone can use it. I'd like to work on it in the months to come.


Thanks, glad you like it!

The admitted goal of the article is to raise the bar, hence the recommendations with a somewhat steep learning curve.

Next browser 1.3.0 released! next.atlas.engineer


VI keybindings, ad-blocking,
downloads, a Qt webengine port (blink renderer), text search, and
more! Full changelog: github.com/atlas-engineer/next

Want to support 1.4.0 development? indiegogo.com/projects/next-br

Next, the infinitely extensible Lisp browser, just hit 1.2.1, with more stable GNU/Linux support!


disk-usage.el: Sort and browse disk usage listings in Emacs!

Bye bye `ncdu`, my last curses-based program ;)

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