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my nickname is compressed representation of a semantic graph pattern matching ie. a combinatorial transderivational search (the induced experience is a reference to the Little Lost Robot novel by Isaac Asimov).

I am a dev and fanboy. I like and I like to pretend that I am reading scientific papers.

Last time I opened . I did the picture below, ask me high res link!

I pratice .

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This Christmas, I'm going to set my father—a lifelong #windows user—up with his first #linux PC. What distro should I put him on?

I'm currently leaning towards Pop!_OS, in part because I'm relatively familiar with ubuntu and might be able to support it more easily. But I'd love to hear any other suggestions.

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@amz3 My thought is that some version of this applies to most hackers I’ve met, not just in the Lisp world. They have a talent for coming up with big plans and finding flaws in systems. These abilities go hand-in-hand—to have an idea of the Right Thing, you need to be good at identifying the Wrong Thing. But they also cause lots of misery. The enemy of grandiose projects is sharp criticism, and, for people who are good at both, it can be hard to believe in any idea for long.

That being said, I don't blame people. I blame The System ™ (whatever it is) for not giving us more time to be careful with each other.

The force to criticize my work in particular is strong within people in general (that is not everybody is like that). I fail to remember the good ones. My pessimistic point of view tell me 80% of people are lurkers hence not very helpful (negativisim), and 80% of the remaining 20% are haters.

I recognize that people don't have time advise or debate.

I figured that when I was jobless. I had a lot of time to think, even if stressed by the situation.

I know it is not an achievement but 'The bipolar Lisp Programmer' [0] pretty sound like me. Apart from the very wrong choice of title. This is a great piece. In particular, I know I have been aiming for impossible projects.

That being said, looking around me people arguing that I should do something "useful" for the community and not start yet another (programming paradigm) project make me sad.

It is my free time and I do whatever I want with it.

[0] marktarver.com/bipolar.html

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Ooops @elementary site is down. Magnet link for the torrent below (please remember to loop back & donate):


Cette histoire de temperature me donne envie de rejoindre les verts.

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Chérie, il y a le quatrième Reich qui frappe à la porte.

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Ils savent s'amuser chez Boston Dynamics !

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> It seems to me the manual doesn't mention this. Does it ?

It does mention module-ref see gnu.org/software/guile/manual/

The REPL use `module-for-each` procedure I guess

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Thanks to everyone who has already listened, downloaded and/or purchased Field Trip, our third album of musical collaborations between Mastodon strangers. 🌸 :music_collab: 💙

If you haven't listened yet, you can do so here: awhaleslantern.bandcamp.com/al

#MusicCollab #Music #MastoMusic

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Écrans, environnement, consommation... et si le problème, c'était nous ?

Et si la première cause de la prise de pouvoir des plateformes numériques sur nos vies n'était pas la Silicon Valley, mais nous-mêmes ?


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Welcome to all #GooglePlusRefugees! Great to see you here in the #fediverse, whether it is on #Mastodon, #Friendica or #Diaspora! This is a much nicer place and I really hope that these projects will benefit from all new users! It was a good decision to switch to a distributed and open network - avoiding the data loss of your posts, communities and collections like it happens on #GooglePlus now.

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