Google is always there when Dutch public broadcasting provider informs you about the tens of billions euro's that the heavily indebted government of the kingdom of the borrows to win the next election.

Google is always there when you want to test your political preferences in the -

Google is always there when you want to ask for your documents in cc @juh @pantalu_de

Homepage of Dutch public broadcasting company (news about Gelderland province) with unfree turned off (with thanks to ) - -

Waarom zouden overheden moeten ontwikkelen?
De FSFE publiceert vandaag een nieuwe expertbeleidsbrochure in antwoord op de belangrijkste vragen over “Publiek Geld? Publieke Code!", inclusief praktische richtlijnen. Bestel vandaag:

infobooth at meeting at Kranenburg Praktijkcollege in Utrecht, January 19th, 10.00-16.00 o'clock. Have a chat about and save shipping costs by buying FSFE gear at the booth.


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