On Saturday, 21th September, is present with a FSFE-booth from 10.00 to 16.00 o'clock at the Dutch Linux users group meeting in . Location: Tamboersdijk 9, 3582 TZ Utrecht. We're looking forward to have a chat with you about !

I'd like to thank for -droid (on ) which enables me to turn on dark theme, which reduces energy consumption. - kisslauncher.com/ -

Two cities in the USA (Florida) payed criminals more than a million to get their files back after . That is money from and .

So this is how civil servants are facilitating criminals:
1. Don't make , ever.
2. Don't use .
3. Don't software.
4. Don't call the .

Oh, and : please don't label internet criminals as "hackers". Thank you.

Live from Utrecht: discussions about , the right to publish and the at the infobooth on the meeting.

Live from -Dose Eindhoven: discussions about and at the booth

Live from Utrecht: interesting conversations about , and at the booth.

infobooth at meeting at Kranenburg Praktijkcollege in Utrecht, January 19th, 10.00-16.00 o'clock. Have a chat about and save shipping costs by buying FSFE gear at the booth.

The Netherlands is not a free country at all, but at least there's still the possibility to fight for the to use

Anybody interested in the list of IP addresses which have been used by criminals who tried to hack my personal website? By the way, thanks to they all failed -

If you want to load your card in advance, at the moment you have to download proprietary software, which I won't -

With the new digital agenda the Dutch government makes progress in the direction of and , but they didn't adopt - publiccode.eu/

You can watch in on , provided you allow yourself to be tracked by akamaihd.net (with thanks to )


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