I can't get any MIDI output from Giada to JACK, and Seq64 crashes nearly immediately when I click on something.

Do you know any other LIVE MIDI sequencers I could use for live performances? LV2 plug-ins and standalone programs welcome :)

#LiveMusic #Linux #FOSSAudio


@unfa sequencer64 should work, I compiled it to jam (successfully) during Sonoj

@arnaudj Hmm. You mean this guy? It crashes when I click on the menu:

`** (seq64:198203): WARNING **: 21:26:44.821: Invalid borders specified for theme pixmap:
borders don't fit within the image
Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)`

Though that looks like something simple, I'll report that and maybe it'll get running properly?

@arnaudj I've reported the problem and the developers immediately helped me solve it :) looks like there's some GTK "Breeze" theme problem. Changing it solves the crash issue.

@arnaudj I've just realized there's an awesome QT interface for it called qseq64 (though the AUR package doesn't built it on it's own). This is very inspiring and gives me hope Seq64 might be the go-to live perfromance tool for me!

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