Hey #fediverse is this good news or bad news?

If you text and share animated
#gif just know that #Giphy was acquired by #Facebook for around $400 million

@perfor $400M for what can be done with some HDDs and an FTP server !??? This world is really broken.

@mmu_man @perfor well, not just. They've been integrated into mobile devices. Besides, it's not only the tech: It's also the name recognition.
...still, 500mil is a lot

@2ck @perfor "integrating into mobile" = converting GIFs to and from videos, probably using ffmpeg (which I wrote the animated GIF output long ago)… again nothing fancy worth $400M.


@mmu_man @2ck @perfor
Hey, it's the software I use to make my own gifs! Thank you mmu_man, that code is more useful than giphy!

@arnaudj @2ck @perfor others added compression since then (it was still patented at the time).

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