Currently jamming on the synth, I want to record a solo for @awhaleslantern 's .
Not sure about my first take... I'm trying to get new ideas that would fit better with the jazzy feeling of @hairylarry 's part.
But time is running out, there are only a few days left to finish the song!

@er1n @arnaudj @awhaleslantern

Thanks Erin. I cowrite a lot but this is my first internet music collaboration.

Thank you very much @er1n ! I've run out of time, so the first synth take is the one you heard at the end on the final track.

@hairylarry is the wizard who wrote the melody, he also recorded the piano and vocals. I made the drums, bass, organ and synth accompaniment.

I also really enjoyed the track @estebanm and you wrote, charming sounds, melody and overall ambiance! Fresh and original, and very intriguing as Mascha said! I would be interested by a "making of".


@arnaudj @er1n @hairylarry @awhaleslantern You have the full music sheet here, if you want:

The original is arranged for guitar/bass because that's what I'm most comfortable with. But then @er1n did her magicks!

It's in 9/8. Originally I wanted to have a 4+4+1 feel but the bass and percussion ended up as a fairly straight "3/4" feel on top of the 4+4+1 in the melody. If that makes sense.

@estebanm @arnaudj @er1n @awhaleslantern

I don't write a lot of time but I follow you. I'm working on a thing now I call serialized rhythm where rhythm patterns of different length beat off of each other until thay fall back to the start point. So a four bar pattern in 4/4 and a 9 beat pattern generate 36 bars of rhythm, all different.

@estebanm @arnaudj @er1n @awhaleslantern

In the piano left hand on the head of this piece, "Even Dozen", all chords are spaced apart as if they were dotted quarters. That is a beat and a half apart. I adjusted the duration of the notes from stacatto eighth notes to legato dotted quarters.

continued ...

@estebanm @arnaudj @er1n @awhaleslantern

Serialized rhythm carries that a step further with two or more regular rhythms of different durations that repeat creating a more complex and longer rhythmic pattern. I'm working on that now in my piece "Three Thirds". (No, not all of my song titles are math jokes."

I am still working on the chart for "Three Thirds" and I hope to get it recorded at a recital next fall.

continued ...

@estebanm @arnaudj @er1n @awhaleslantern

"Three Thirds" is my first piece that I am writing for what I call a Jazz Percussion Ensemble, a jazz small group where over half the instruments are percussion and there are at least two pitched percussion instruments. If you think this is inspired by Frank Zappa, you're right.

continued ...

@estebanm @arnaudj @er1n @awhaleslantern

So in "Three Thirds" I am scoring for drums, djembe, marimba, vibes, piano, bass, tenor, and bari.

The drum kit repeats every 4 bars and the djembe repeats every 9 beats for a 36 bar pattern. Three 12 bar sections each modulating up by a major third. Yes, I am a theory gear head and a mathematician as well as a jazz composer.

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